grandriver windows

Grand River Windows

Grand River windows offer exceptional warranty on many styles including fixed, high to low profile, slider windows, Lift out, Double tilt windows, bay and bow, double hung windows and many more.

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Grand River Windows are built with extra attention to detail making all the difference in the performance of your windows. From the time an order is placed, a seamless process with 45 manufacturing check-points ensures a perfect vinyl window gets delivered to your home on time – every time.

Standard Features:

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Lead-Free Polyresin

Fly Maze


Fusion Welded
Sash & Frame


Our multi-chamber vinyl frame is designed to draw moisture away from the window preventing condensation, mould and mildew.

A sponge-like insect guard is installed into the hollow, multi-chamber frames of every window to prevent insects from nesting or entering through the frame.

Precision-mitered, then fusion welded using extreme heat and pressure to ensure an inseparable bond at every point.

Every GrandRiver
Window uses only the
finest hardware.



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Triple Weather Seals
Solar-Bond Paint
S-Class Super Spacer
Oversized seals are built into the sash and frame to prevent any air transfer for a complete seal.
Eight standard window colors with a 15-Year Solar-Bond exterior color warranty. Custom color matching is also available.
Constructed of flexible 100% polymer foam to allow for expansion and contraction, absorption of moisture and prevention of condensation.


Grill Options:

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Square & Pencil Grills
Georgian Grills
External Grills
Architectural Grills
GrandRiver Window Square and Pencil Grills add modern architectural detailing. Available in a variety of colors.
Georgian Grills are installed between the panes of glass for a completely maintenance-free application. Available in a variety of colors.
External Grills give the illusion of individual paned glass panels without compromising energy efficiency. Available in a variety of thicknesses, sizes and colors.
Custom manufactured, these bent grills give the illusion of custom shaped windows. Adding unique architectural detail to your home.

Glass Options:

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Custom Shapes
Specialty Glass Options
Exterior Window Coating
Express your unique style with custom shape windows. Curved shapes or angles are available with a variety of grill variations.
From eye-catching patterns to subtle accents, GrandRiver Windows are available in a variety of styles and colors including V-Groove Glass, Gray, Bronze and Security options.
Reduce exterior window cleaning with the addition of GrandRiver Windows Simply-Clean coating.



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