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Rockwood Creations

Rockwood Creations’ Faux Stone & Wood Panels perfectly duplicate the texture, beauty and elegance of natural stone and wood for a fraction of the cost. The lightweight construction allows smooth installation and also eliminates the need for costly load bearing walls and substructures resulting in substantial savings.

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Whether you are using Rockwood Creations Faux Stone & Wood Panels for a commercial or residential application, you will find no other faux product that will look as authentic. High-density polyurethane products feature a “closed cell” structure that does not absorb water. This prevents rot, cracks, and splits.

The Rockwood Creations Guarantee

Rockwood Creations are proud to provide customers with a Quality Assurance Guarantee for the complete lineup of faux stone and wood products. Their goal is to ensure that they retain their structural strength, integrity and durability, with zero defects during any phase of their creation. It’s also a promise that they’ll provide full climatic protection and retention of their material texture. If any defective materials are found in faux stone and wood products, they will be replaced, free of charge.

Proudly Canadian-made products, backed by a 25 Yr. Limited Warranty.


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